The Plane Ride and Toothache

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Being on board can trigger toothache. This is due to a change in air pressure in the body to the air in the aircraft cabin, called Aerodontalgia.

In fact, the air pressure inside your body, both from the sinuses and ears, should be the same as the air pressure in the aircraft cabin.

Toothache should only appear on problematic teeth. Healthy teeth should not hurt when boarding a plane.

Examples of problematic teeth that can trigger toothache include un patched perforated teeth, dental infections, damaged old dental fillings, cracked teeth, and sensitive teeth.

These conditions can cause air to enter and get trapped inside the teeth. Trapped air cannot keep up with changes in cabin pressure. As a result, the teeth will also hurt even more.

However, the change in air pressure itself will not worsen the condition of the teeth. But, it will only increase the intensity of the pain.

If you have toothache but really have to go by plane, here are tips on boarding a plane when you have toothache:

1. Do Dental Treatment Before Leaving

It’s a good idea not to get on a plane when you have toothache. Before leaving, do as much treatment as possible to the nearest dental clinic.

If toothache due to perforated teeth, it is necessary to patch the teeth. If the toothache on the teeth that have been patched, it is best to open the tooth fillings.

It is important to check and improve the condition of teeth that have the potential to cause toothache while on board.

2. Consumption of Antinyeri Drugs

Take painkillers to relieve toothache 30 minutes before the plane takes off. This type of anti-pain medication usually contains mefenamat acid.

The effects of this drug only last up to eight hours. It is recommended to take the drug a maximum of three times a day.

3. Avoid Cold Drinks and Foods

Wait until the temperature is normal new can be consumed. Preferably, choose water over coffee, tea, or other sweet and sour drinks.

4. Gargling Brine

If the toothache is caused by swelling from a dental infection or abscess, then it is best to gargle with brine.

Do not gargle with hot brine, as it will instead add to the swelling.

5. Gargling Ice Water

In the condition of teeth with severe toothache, it is recommended to gargle with ice water.

This is because the air trapped inside the teeth will shrink and the pain will subside.

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6. Prepare Soft Foods

Since it is expected to be difficult to chew when toothache, it is best to bring your own soft food, but still filling.

Not necessarily on board there’s a kind of soft food that works for you, is there?

7. Perform Regular Checkups

However, preventing is better than treating. Therefore, try regular dental check-ups every six months. Thus, if a hole is found, it can be directly overcome.

8. Find The Nearest Dentist Information at the Destination Location

When on board you suffer from unbearable toothache, check with the nearest dentist as soon as it lands.

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By paying attention to the tips of boarding the plane when you have toothache above, it is expected that you can better prepare yourself.

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