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‘Best of KASHISH’ film screening will showcase an amazing collection from 5th KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2014 catalog – films that have won an award, have been audience favourites and some that you may have missed out on – funny, dramatic, campy, sexy – and each one of them LGBTQ positive. Let us…

This year QAM Mumbai Pride we plan to be MORE Proud! #FaqrHai toh Dikhayenge hi! The challenge is simple, 1) Upload a selfie holding a slogan on why you are proud of Yourself/ Queer friends/ LGBTQ community. 2) Tag Qam Mumbai on facebook or @queer_azaadi on Twitter. 3) Hash Tag #FaqrHai and #MumbaiPride 4) Nominate…

About Section 377

What is it?

Sec 377 of the Indian Penal code makes carnal intercourse, or any non-procreative sexual act between a man and a woman illegal, punishable with up to 10 years in jail and/or a fine. Basically, if you’re gay and having sex, you’re most likely violating Section 377!

How does it affect me as a gay man/woman and why should I care?

Since the LGBT can only indulge in sexual acts that are not peno-vaginal, this section directly affects them. As LGBT, this section denies you the rights that straight people have (freedom of choice) and forms the basis for several other forms of discrimination against you.

What is 'carnal intercourse' mentioned in Section 377?

Carnal intercourse is defined as any sexual act that is not procreative (penis entering the vagina). This includes acts that both homosexual and hetersexuals indulge in, like oral and anal sex, masturbation etc.

Does Section 377 also apply to Heterosexuals?

Yes, anyone indulging in non-procreative sex can be punished under this section. So if your straight friends enjoy a little oral, they’re probably as criminal as you are ;)

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